Certified instructor in webmarketing and communication

Teaching for prestigious institutions

My teaching activity is done with prestigious institutions, such as

University of Vienna : webmarketing applied to cultural management, for the Postgraduate Center

My last session with the University of Vienna was about digital marketing and cultural management. I created a training course (remote) for this beautiful study program, mixing students of all ages and nationalities. In a very challenging time for the cultural sector, webmarketing can provide ideas and opportunities which can be innovative and sustainable. : you can find my presentation here.


webmarketing for cultural management Scribendo training course
Interesting and meaningful interactions with the students

An inspiring content

Feedbacks :

“Fascinating and inspiring !” (Leonora Scheiber, Creative producer and New Music Theater Work)

“Thank you so much for your excellent lecture ! I really liked the real-worls examples” (Cailin Wilke, PHD, Katalyst Global Principal and Founder)


Certified course instructor

In France my training courses can be supported by your OPCO , as I am accredited by the quality label : Qualiopi certification


Examples of teaching topics :

How to write on social medias ? Trainig course for IRAM Medias's students, Jean Monnet University Scribendo
How to write on social media ? Training course for IRAM Medias’s students, Jean Monnet University


Scribendo Formation Fabrique A Entreprendre réseaux sociaux pour mon activité Scribendo
Training course for new business owners : how webmarketing can make my business grow ?