Certified instructor in webmarketing and communication

Training courses in french and in english

Member of Escale Creation cooperative trainers’ network, near Lyon in France, I provide courses in french and english about webmarketing, social medias and digital communication.

My audience : students, job seekers and entrepreneurs wanting to develop their business.

I worked for various institutions in France. Among them :

In France my training courses can be supported by your OPCO , as I am accredited by the quality label : Qualiopi certification

How to write on social medias ? Trainig course for IRAM Medias's students, Jean Monnet University Scribendo
How to write on social medias ? Trainig course for IRAM Medias’s students, Jean Monnet University


Scribendo Formation Fabrique A Entreprendre réseaux sociaux pour mon activité Scribendo
Training course for new business owners : how webmarketing can make my business grow ?

Webmarketing applied to cultural management for Vienna University Post Graduate center's students

I created a training course (remote) for this beautiful study program, mixing students of all ages and nationalities. In a very challenging time for the cultural sector, webmarketing can provide ideas and opportunities which can be innovative and sustainable.


webmarketing for cultural management Scribendo training course
Interesting and meaningful interactions with the students


A sample of my course here :

Digital marketing & cultural management 5,12,20


Feedbacks :

“Fascinating and inspiring !” (Leonora Scheiber, Creative producer and New Music Theater Work)

“Thank you so much for your excellent lecture ! I really liked the real-worls examples” (Cailin Wilke, PHD, Katalyst Global Principal and Founder)