5 seconds to catch attention

This is basically the challenge your website has to complete

Mécanisme d'horloge

To take it up, you need a compelling content, able to meet your prospects’ needs, wishes AND being SEO friendly, so that both your customers and Google search engines are happy with it.

It’s the kind of job a skilled copywriter would do for you or your company.

It’s the kind of creative content I’m offering you.

Freelance outsourcing for web agency

Freelance writing for companies

Digital communication instructor

Before writing, I take the time to find out what your clients main needs, wishes and habits are, I investigate your offer, history and value proposition. Why ? To make the liveliest and most accurate content for you and your company. During 15 years I worked in the communication and marketing field for various institutions in France and abroad, specializing on content and editorial message. You can see my professionnal experiences here. Scribendo, my own company, offers services in web content, creative writing and teaching sessions. Now living in Vienna with my family, I enjoy the marvelous variety of coffees and Strudels in one of the most livable cities of the world. Inspiring !

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