A short story of Scribendo

Between writing and marketing, communication and storytelling

Scribendo was born on a beautiful snowy night, at the end of the year 2015.

I created my own company after15  years of working as a PR and communication manager for companies and local communities, in France and in Great Britain.

During these years I met and worked with journalists, politics, CEOs, all kinds of busy and sought after people. Thus I improved my writing skills, particularly focusing on :

  • anticipating and suggesting points of view that could interest my audience,
  • summarizing and going straight to the point.


Dominique Damian-Avril, founder of Scribendo
Here am I : Dominique Damian-Avril, founder of Scribendo



Digital nomad

I chose to work freelance partly to be closer to my kids, family and to be able to travel when it’s possible.

That’s how we are now living in Vienna, after having lived in France and the US as a family. With a laptop, a mobile, a cup of coffee and an internet connection, I can work from remote, giving satisfaction to my clients.


An authentic Wiener Melange !

The meaning of Scribendo

I chose the name Scribendo because I found it very musical and because of its meaning : Scribendo is a latine gerund, meaning “writing”.

Oh, and while I was looking for a name, I found this latine quote : “Docendo disco, scribendo cogito”, which can be translated by “I learn by teaching, I think by writing”.

Good program indeed !